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Do you know how to teach children whether they are at a loss or not? Is there no time for me to arrange a day? Want to know how to find a suitable course to help you learn? How to find a breakthrough in learning attitude and improve the parent-child relationship?

With our Commonsense Education methodology coupled with our language acquisition cycle incorporating M. E. L ®™© and our developed language acquisition techniques married with R. A. P ®™©, phonic skills, & our A. R. S. A systems ®™©, we ensure all of our student’s massive success.

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June, 2021
#EDUtechAsia Live Webinar Series
4:00 pm - 12:00 am

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What People Say

Based on 32 reviews.
yy te
yy te
Annette 3月開始參加Zoie的meaning-full story class,每晚15分鐘,輕鬆無壓力下聽講英文,Annette 有時還對我說太快落堂啦…… 有時還會興奮地轉述故事給我聽,參加咗story class令Annette增加了對睇英文故事書的興趣。我們還參加了 Phonics class, 教導方法令小朋友容易掌握,上課後每日讀5個字練習,Zoie會跟進度,回覆都很快,值得推介。感謝Zoie的用心教學❣
女兒Krista學了phonic course 4堂,已掌握了很多讀音及技巧。透過每天的練習,Miss Zoie 的回饋,令女兒一天一天更有信心嘗試閱讀每個字。🥰更重要是,女兒的學習動機大大提昇,主動在日常生活中發現字句,自行閱讀。同時,可見溫習英文默書時,對字詞結構的掌握多了,串得容易了,對Krista 來說,自信心提昇了。 整體我們都很滿意課程的果效,值得推介!👍🏻👍🏻
kanda lelya
kanda lelya
Sammi Li
Sammi Li
My 9 years old daughter Chantel has finished the 4 hours of 1:1 lesson with Teacher Zoie! QFP system helped her a lot. Not only she gained so much confidence in reading but also could apply what Zoie taught when she saw a new vocabulary. I was impressed by this system and how Zoie has encouraged my daughter👍🏻 Many thanks Zoie and the QuickFixPhonics!🙏🏻🤩
Wong Wing Tung
Wong Wing Tung
女兒Maia經過學習完phonic program 之後, 温習英文默書的時間,比之前快很多,因老師教了很有效的方法。 而且Maia也很喜歡上Micro class, 令她學習到課本以外的知識,經常會與家人分享。 Zoie 的教學非常生動,令小朋友很喜歡她。
Queenie Law
Queenie Law
Both of my sons was improving speaking and reading skills after to learning your phonics system. And your teaching way are useful to make them easy to picking up. Thank you very much.
Doris Kwok
Doris Kwok
今年2月, 大女參加Zoie的4天英文拼音課程, Zoie很有心和很花心思去改進女兒的英文拼音。加上每天只讀5個生字練習和Zoie也很快回覆和加以鼓勵她。她也參加story telling, 每晚15分鐘, 她在沒有壓力下學習有趣的英文。值得推介!
Mill Ho
Mill Ho
Common Sense Education provides a fun and interactive way to improve the phonetic skills for all kids. The teachers are professional and patient who always encourage my child to engage throughout the reading and spelling process.
M.C.D Demeyezz
M.C.D Demeyezz
2021-01-25 and their system of Q. F.P Maelan phonics is a market leader in manifesting real results. For those who have had frustrating learning experiences, Common sense Education, will give you the tools, to build up one's knowledge, to overcome any learning difficulty. The systems and phonic, learning methodologies of Commonsense Ed, and Q.F.P Maelan Way phonics, have been proven to work, and have had massive transformational change in over 2000+ student's lives, to date. Keep ahead of the learning game, and get the best tools to impact your life. Amazing solutions, and an amazing team, with a dedicated vision to create change.
Astley Wan
Astley Wan
Thank you for your wonderful material. Believe it or not, I use it to teach adult women ESL (English as a Second Language) students. It is easy enough for non-English speakers, and engaging enough so they do not feel they are reading a primer. I like the fact that it teaches basic phonics while including Dolch words. I am not a professional educator, but a director of a non-profit charitable organization. While "researching" good, fundamental reading programs, I found your website on the internet. Awesome materials.

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Darren Ashford

Co-founder,/ Partner, Software Developer, Branding and STEM LMS Curriculum Development
Zoie Way

Zoie Way

Route Founder, MEL Founder, ZW / MW Phonics Founder, Educator & Author
Soona Yuen

Soona Yuen

Active Campaign Guru, Marketing Automation , Co-Founder Marketing, LMS, MEL Curriculum
phonic learning

Tim Fellows

Creative Director & STEM Curriculum
phonic learning

Kristina Norris

Educatory, & Copywriter, Curriculum Development

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