Our gameplay Features

Our Gameplay (Features) and the various design factors will be:

  • Users will have to buy an NFT which would correlate with a plant or seed to join the entry level of level 2 and upwards within the game. Over time, they will have to take care of their plant with ongoing care to earn more coins and to interact within the ecosystem and the like, etc.
  • Tokens that are earned when they log in for walking, jogging/running, skipping, or cycling activities can be used in the ecosystem and all the above systems too.
  • GPS signal is required but users do not need to be outdoors to perform any of these activities.
  • Users can connect their fitness watch (Garmin, Fitbit, etc., and other devices to be involved within the integrated play.) If they own one they can then connect to our app and relevant D-apps and then be able to easily synchronize their sessions with the app which makes it easier for them to track, play earn, and carry out and integrate all the functions as above.
  • The longer the user works out/moves, the more tokens are earned. The minimum session has an amount by default of 25 minutes which is capped and blocked as the default minimum. The current maximum is set at 90 minutes but it will be more customizable in the future, as more users and prousers sign up to play and be involved and the like etc. Users can log in for a maximum of two sessions per day at the moment but this is likely to change within the future too.
Time spent on each session Tokens earned
At least 25mins of exercise time 0.1  native tokens per min
60 mins & above 0.25  native tokens per min

Example: Running session that lasts 75 mins (75 mins x 0.15 tokens) = 11.25 tokens earned and would be credited into the user’s CSE NFT (the equivalent of NFT via the exchange and or crypto wallet and the like etc.).

  • Each user has a plot of land (forest/garden) for them to harvest and collect from their plants, and this land would be purchased and tendered for within the metaverse itself. Every user is allowed to have a maximum of 5 plots of land in certain streets in the metaverse. Later on with more users / and prousers and also other land deals and crypto swaps and other arrangements more land can be purchased in the metaverse by the gamers/users / prosuers and other categories of clients too.. If they choose to buy more seeds to harvest, they will need to upgrade the size of their land and more land would be needed accordingly as above. They can look at other ways to earn Brill, and build up teams and tribes through the metaverse and also in real life to grow and expand their “green zones” and forests and other designated green areas as they have indicated within the gameplay of the metaverse. There would be extra bonuses given when the manifest the above from the metaverse into the “real world” and the like too.
  • The more plants the users own, the more tokens they will earn.( and Nitrogen fixed and CO2 mopped up, which would allow for other business opportunities with other companies and their brands and the like etc.) For instance, a user who owns 10 plants, he/she has the potential to earn double the number of tokens compared to a person who owns 2 plants only as the incentives work on a vertically integrated sliding scale that rewards those with more plants/vegetation etc, to be incentivized to grow more, to earn more, and forest more “green zones” and beautify green spots in communities and within the metaverse and also within society and the community at large too.

The rate of tokens to be earned to plants planted and vertically sliding incentivized ratio of token earn rate.

Number of plants Amount of tokens earned
1 - 3 plants 1 x
4 - 8 plants 1.5  x
9 - 14 plants 2.0  x
15 - 19 plants 2.5  x
20 plants and above 3.0  x
  • If users wanted to cross-breed their plants to create a new variations and also new hybrids they could do this, however they must ensure that they have enough space on their land, to undertake the necessary functions required. They could then ensure that both species of plants have a health of 100/100 and that they the user / or proused have the correct and sufficient amount of tokens in hand to do research, upgrades and other functions associated with the beautification of the zones in the metaverse and within the “real world” and the like as such too.
  • Tokens are rarely burnt as we would rather do pool funds and fund projects that are shared and add value back to the community and the like as such. In the rare event that such activities could happen, it would need to be voted on as per our CSE Meta verse “ Greenworlds Dulunguru Galpu Inifiverse Consitution” as such. The following factors could also be mitigating factors of consideration that could be factored into a “potential coin burn”, in any given case.

○ Level up a whole block of trees or forests for a given reason, to mass mop up co2, fixate Nitrogen into the soil or other mass ecological projects solutions for the community.

○ Level up plant’s attributes and features in the metaverse on a mass formulative upgrade. This would require RnD research in the real world and tokens to be spent and to facilitate this RnD and development to allow this to happen in the real-world and the like etc.

NFT customizations and other special arrangements.

○ Customize the plant’s pot with skins and other designs (○ Buy other seeds for hybridization and the like etc.

○ Buy boosters (water, fertilizer, shelter, insect repellent, health booster)- for the metaverse and within the real world too.

○ Mint plant “smart green contracts”, once plants achieved a certain size or age of development and linking up to www.sunified.com and the like etc.

○ Upgrade plot of land (to own more than 5 plots) for other special purposes as applied for and agreed to  - in defined ecological zones of the metaverse and in alignment with the “green constitution” of the metaverse, the NFT exchange, and associated CSE ecosystems and the like, etc.

○ Create new plant variations by cross-breeding two different plants - and undertaking this with RnD in the metaverse and an array of systems in the virtual world, allowing this to manifest within the real world too

  • Types of plants available: for planting and for hybridized RND and other experiments too. The associated ethical values of the plants are in brackets and the like etc. that would manifest in society in the metaverse.
  1. Carnations (motivational, giving an abundance)
  2. Roses (allowing love, and versatility)
  3. Sunflowers (allowing for bubbly, energetic, happy-go-lucky personas)
  4. Daisy (allowing for positive, hopeful, loyal vibes)
  5. Tulips (ensuring a bright, upbeat, caring attitude)
  6. Orchids (allowing to the integration of sensitive, thoughtful, resilient ideas).
  • Attributes of plants (can be leveled up) (increasing and tweaking the colored

Attributes of plants when breeding and hybridizing them etc).

  • Resilience - The higher the resilience attribute of the plant, the less care and attention that is needed for a specific plant.
  • Absorbability - The higher the absorbability attributes, the more tokens that can be earned since the plant efficiently absorbs water and nutrients into the plant cells for growth etc.
  • Health/abloom - The higher the healthy attribute is, the less prone the plants are to diseases and can be used to treat humans naturally both in society and individually. This can take place both in the metaverse and also within the real world and the like too.

Climate settings and factors in the metaverse and also for those (indoor spectrum settings) for the growing of plants/ferns and vegetation within the real world.

  • Every 12 hours, users will receive 20 drops of water (by default) which should be sufficient for the plants provided the weather is normal. (in the metaverse simulation). After the water drops have been used up, users will have to wait for the next cycle for them to replenish, which would happen daily and the amount is dependent on the weather cycle and also the weather chart.
  • Boosters are available for purchase using tokens via the CSE marketplace and also the NFT exchange. These can be purchased to allow for more operations of function to take place within the metaverse.

○ Water can - Allows the user to buy 100 drops of water instantly

○ Caretaker - Plants are automatically watered for the next 24 hours (and caretakers can be bought in solo runs and or in batches too).

○ Fertilizer - Adds nutrients and also helps the plants to fix CO2 and nitrogen. This would then correlate with and link up with and to www.sunified.com

○ Shelter - During those rainy seasons, plants are required to take shelter to avoid excess water from destroying the plant. As such certain shelter (s) and protective barriers can be purchased in the metaverse to facilitate the best protection of those associated plants. This would allow the plants to grow in the “best” possible way for the “best” results without being affected by extreme climatic conditions within the metaverse (solely at this stage.) Later there will be gadgets sold to users to help them be able to predict and sense weather and climatic changes to facilitate the best growing conditions within the “real world” and the like as such.

○ Insect repellant - Protects plants from insects and ensuring that insects are unable to eat them (in the meta verse). There will be solutions added for users to buy and utilize companion growing solutions and tactics (within the metaverse) and also learn about permaculture and growing plants through companion growing in the real world. These permaculture courses would be bought and studied via www.commonsense-edu.org and put into practive in both the metaverse and also the real world too.

○ Health booster - Prevents plants from wilting and dying easily and from getting diseases. These would be packages that are both within the metaverse and later on would be real-life products that could be purchased, and integrated into the real world. These products and solutions would be purchased from the CSE marketplace via B2B and also B2C transactions and then utilized within a “real life scenario” and the like too.

Weather/seasons in the gameplay etc.

There will be 3 types of climate types in the gameplay (at this stage based on Asia), namely, normal rains, drought, and the full-on raining season. There also would be 4 seasons that would be utilized in the metaverse and in planning for growth in the real world too.

  • In the (normal world and also the metaverse) the differing weather would impact upon the plants which should receive enough sunlight and rainwater through both systems through the day and ongoing week and the like etc.
  • In the drought season, (which would last for 1-4 days, only in the metaverse) the users must be more attentive to their plants and will be required to buy more water from the market to ensure the plant does not dry up and wilt. This would happen via CSE marketplace, or the b2b / b2c exchange, and also the NFT exchange and marketplace and associated entities too. (Namely in the metaverse at this stage).
  • In the rainy season, (which also can last for 1 - 6) days, plants must take shelter from excessive rainfall hence, and hence the users would be required to buy shelter(s), for their plants until the rainy season has passed and make sure their plants had and would survive. This function would be in the metaverse solely (and other gadgets available to help in tracking, and predicting the weather) for real-world situations later on.
  • Sometimes, plants will be infested and destroyed by insects, and users therefore must ensure that they protect their plants by purchasing insect repellant (and also via companion growing), especially if the plant’s health is getting on the low side. (This would take place within the metaverse solely). There would be tools and gadgets, probes, and other innovative predictive gear that could be purchased for real-life / and real-world application (s) and scenarios, that would be integrated into the real world and the like. These probes and gear would also tether to sunified.com, and also at www.acudc.com and be backed by Brill and associated systems on the CSE exchange, marketplace, metaverse, and other associated CSE systems too. (Like after some time of building up solutions / and systems within the metaverse to correlate with the real world, and also “real scenario” of applications too.

Types of Land and plot types in the metaverse - (and to be realized in Arnhem Land and via the Dulunguru constitution and more in Arnhem Land / via the Royal Kingdom of Galpu).  Land plots and zones.

  • Eden
  • KaleidoscopicLights
  • Tartaria 96
  • Pleiades (the 7 sisters land plot)
  • Lunar Stormy Seas 45
  • Lemuria 78