Green Metaverse system for Common Sense Education.

  1. How are M2E (Green Metaverse)  users able to collect native tokens?
  • Walking
  • Running
  • Jogging
  • Plannting Vegetation Trees (extra bonuses for plantations, hemp & marijuana forestation etc. ) and native forests, seeds, rebuilding bee, & pollinator colonies.
  • Assisting soil health and nitrogen fixation
  • Rebuilding native habitats and green corridors
  • Ending fracking and securing all natural waterways & natural resources.
  • Securing sovereign natural resources via micronation structures in Australia and globally.
  • Healing the Earth, Seas , Atmosphere, and the Ionsphere of our planet (s).
  • Spreading positive energy globally to heal the Earth

How does it work?

The NFT runner with sensors implanted into their shoes and sports sock(s), can act as a mining tool whereby users have to move about to earn tokens and earn other designated and specific specially assigned tokens & bonuses and the like etc. All respective users will therefore need to walk, run, jog, plant a range of specified vegetation, and also be able to perform a range of other eco-activities in order to utilize B2B, B2C transactions and within the CSE marketplace too. In this respect our Brill Crypto (nite – Native Token) and associated features of the native Token tether to CSE marketplace and associated systems, will be aligned within our central marketplace maker of ( which is calculated and designated by the Brill Cod-bot primer as a coded AI bot within our CSE marketplace at

In this regard the specific incorporated coins will be allocated to the ledger onto CSE ledger account behind the market place, and the algorithm, and trending analysis will calculate pricing on our exchange based on moving averages and the like, and by tracking the moving average of commodities linked to the CSE market place and ledger, as orders and trades are made via will ensure that out systems are able to match, and allocate certain minted coins from our ecosystem to ensure market makers ( within the CSE community & ecosystem namely via and also wouldbe able to complete trades and make trades and ensure the relevant business takes place once our ecosystem keeps facilitating trades and business on the CSE market place, based on volume, geared to  the date (and time stamps of business completed) and also geared towards the volum of Brill Tokena & associated tokens on our CSE marker place ( via smart contracts geared to Proof of Stake, Proof of History, prood of work and also also proof of business volume / on proof of holding BRILL backed by real resources & the like etc.

Our Brill Systems and AI code of Common Sense Education Market Place Allocator AI

Our systems are able to and also will also determine the associated pricing of our NFTS and also other cryptos tethered and resources and STOS all tokenised and connected to oue BRILL TOKENS and also correctly based off our Brill Native token and also other various associated systems that correlate with AI bot advertising (via our inhouse solutions form Prey Producions, FAMTA Music & Media group and also Jungle Gurru rich media solutions.) 

The above systems will allow all of our specific business to take place on the defined and integrated CSE blockchained systems aligned with the parameters setup to operate within the market place and defining the types of transactionsand the associated (nominal and sovereign only taxes and nominal subsidiary fees etc.) based on one’s sovereign status as a whole, and location in the word.

Our integrated CSE marketplace will incorporate the features of our own specific inhouse RICH media solutions (which will operate like a hybrid mix between,, and other streaming platforms to ensure consistency in media consumed bur through Branded ai ADS of our Mumbai-based and solutions from Jungle Gurru analytics and in house advertising and our own associated algorithms correlated with all he above media and associated technologies and volum of our tokens as above. In the process and the operations of engaged clinks and out clients engaged on the aspects of  the certain functions that align with the positioned and with clickrates,streaming, music, films, media and other rich media to help brands sell ads and specific content (

This will facilitate and also allow for the purchase and sale (with the earned fees credited up to 4-6 days later) These tokens will continue to grow in value and expand the intrinsic value of the ledger and also the backing of tethered Brill in the CSE ledger as more transactions are completed on the engaged and ongoing TOKENIZED flow. Etc

CSE Market place & Brill Toke features ongoing token flow

  • Utilizes the preservation concept and the engaged on conservation of the inherent solutions and associated token /and completed transactiona conditions as above. In this way the “green engagement” to produce positive functional outcomes & associated  concept through the various gamified styles will allow people to practice healthier& greener and conservation , with more communal “ shared community” living systems and the rewards and economic empowerment to the community with the conditions specified as above.
  • Users do not need to own NFTS or have green stakeholder holding in “ Smart Green contracts” to ensure that the business is generated and the associated toenisation and value generations accordingly. As such they can opt to mint and tether on promissory contracts to complete certain taks for other users for free, earnings will be split later / later on on “shared” collaboration on projects needed or business solutions required and other “barter or community” business solutions needed etc.
  • Users can donate tokens to foundations & also associated NGOs with Brill and CSE and approved technology to minimise the harmful effect of mining and improving the green business engagement and the like etc. (all terms specified as above).
  1. Tokens supply and generation & terms as above.
    1. Green Satoshi Token (GST) and production of CSE Brill Tokens & the like etc.
      1. GST has an unlimited supply of tokens and users can mint them doing activities after when they have completed certain “green stakeholder” and associated tasks etc. The token could be reminted or designated to other pools when there is a need for reassigning capital for “shared community projects” as assigned and determined through
        1. Eco-project and Eco- infrastructure minting & collaborative projects to generate and increase value.
        2. Repair and power up of all associated Tokenisation on BRILL.
        3. Levelling up of Brill for key stakeholder GREEN projects.
        4. Upgrading gems aligned to Brill and associated TOKENS and green projects, required in the CSE marketplace and community.
        5. Resetting Green token attributes and specifics to ensure the best completion of “greening tasks” in the environment and key greening infrastructure and communal  / community projects etc. etc.
    2. Green Metaverse Token (GMT)
      1. GMT is the governance token of STEPN Decentralised Autonomous Token and has a limited supply of 56 billion as aligned and minted and staked onto Brill Token and also all aspects of Common Sense Education Marketplace etc. The use of GMT is aligned to the terms above and staking below, as geared and to determine the best solutions below.
        1. Level a key Green influencers and community project leaders (leading) from levels 6 to and inclusively of levels 86.
        2. Minting of Rare, Epic and Legendary green projects aligned to the goals of green staking as determined above.
        3. Member of DAO of STEPN and GMT and key green tokenization of projects listed as above.
        4. Upgrading Gem from Level 87 and tokenisation in accordance with the above.
        5. Resetting Green token and specific GREEN goal Attributes

GMT could only be burned when the following occurs:

  1. Governance participation where terms weren’t adhered to.
  2. Taker option is the voted result over stakeholder engagement and holding to completed stages of GREEN project fullfilment key to the  increasing of the valuation of BRILL and key voted goals.
  3. Greenification of Key infrastructural and associated Green project Customisation
  4. Levels 29 – 99 Key greenification of ongoing project leveling
  5. Rare to Legendary key greenification project , and goals & minting/
  6. Levels 3 – 99 Greenification and GEM upgrades via CSE gamification and in house in game play and associated gaming  upgrades and associated solutions to Brill Tokens.
  7. Greenification Projects and associated GOALS & Key  Attributes Reset and stakeholder implementations.

Brill BGT goals and Greenland Metaverse system

How does it work?

Users will have the chance to build a greener world and will be rewarded with Brill Greenland tokens to combat global warming and enhance vegetation & soil health. They will be rewarded for ongoing conservation, preservation and ensuring the revegetation and restoration of key habitats and natural environments to their virgin intrinsic states etc.

Users will be able to buy NFT CSE avatars, that correlate with Brill and CSE gamified green lands & and CSE gamified green engines. Green lands will help users get started on building their own green world while the engines create passive income which can be integrated into gameplay, our CSE Nfts and other associated produced products & solutions too.

Our CSE Green Metaverse Concepts and overall goals.

The overall goals and plan will be to utilize and integrate all of the SDG 17 defined systems (as specified by the International governments and affiliates but are governed by the local community, with a basis on constitutional LORE and integrated with local LAW at a localized level.(this would exist with the geomarkers that would exist within the minted smart contracts), aligned with the SMART contracts and their tokens. In this way the BRILL coin value would increase and allow for increased production and a recognition of the associated goals, that are aligned with and positively impactful upon the climate action for the local community.) This would be fully realized throughout the ecosystem and more in alignment with the Green smart contract outcomes (correlative to the Brill token) and the connectedness as such, thereby realizing those developed goals, of the Green Metaverse. These would be in alignment with the CSE marketplace’s goals and functions and allow more empowerment within the community and Metaverse “community and green start-up projects” and the like as well.

In this regard, all of the above would be stored securely within our CSE ledgers with the associated systems being able to order and place upon the CSE nodes and associated

Metaverse noces, the various (STAKED projects backed by our native BRILL tokens link to the Greenworlds smart contracts and Smart contracts from too). This would ensure that the systems and the various key market makers, would be able to and could take urgent action to combat climate change and its associated impact (s), with the real hope that a larger spectrum of more people could contribute to the various ongoing protection(s) and ongoing “real-time” conservation of our Mother Earth.

In this regard, the ongoing conceptualized blockchained goals, and various ideas aligned with the CSE NFT exchange and associated marketplace, would ensure that a solid and robust system existed from within, and would be correlative to the goals of the CSE’s marketplace within the associated “real world”. Respectively, the associated, “smart-green world” goals and targeted outcomes to be realized by our CSE “shared” ecosystem, would allow for the expansion of and for those elements essential for the distribution and ongoing flow of our BRILL TOKENS ( through the minting of Greenworlds smart contracts, and via B2B, B2C business, etc) and to allow for the Brill coin distribution and other associated models to evolve. These (Brill Coins and aspects of the “smart contracts”, would also be staked to various key projects within our defined goals, through the conservational array of “trickled down business”, which would then consist of ( the respective aspects of the non-fractionalized 5 elements of the Universe) and those key elements that are NFT tokenizable on our planet earth (Into the CSE models as identified above). We would implement these and also further ongoing solutions, that would be aligned to the specifics of the CSE ecosystem and as such are defined as follows below their processes, goals, functions, and outcomes too :

  • All users can earn a tree/plant (s) by logging into their workout sessions. (via the LMS portal) and via the CSE Dpaps as such. For every session, they will be timed and the longer they move, the more tokens they will earn. Consequently, users can buy NFTs to exchange and also redeem for different tangible goods blockchained products, and plants and also position these into real-world scenarios that would “marry up with the Metaverse” and other associated NFT systems within CSE systems. These would then link up to the user buying and planting:  trees/planting seeds with the Brill tokens that they have earned from logging into and onto the CSE platform for their gaming, purchasing, and minting “Greenworld Smart Contracts” and other various sessions & with a range of other defined goals, that are all logged and stored by IP addresses and then staked by our BRILL coin ( which would hold the information and have it ordered by locations within the community on the CSE market place, and also ordered by users/prosumers and the like too).
  • Once users own an NFT purchase / minted and crypto-linked tree/plant seed, they will have to tend and care for the seeds until it grows and blossom. (within the Metaverse and work with those in their community to do the same, if they want to earn Crytpo coin and the like etc.). After some time, they have the option to either mint their tree/plant ( in the metaverse as an NFT to sell or donate it to an NGO which would support climate action) All the while ensuring that “keepers and watchers” are taking care of the real plants within the real flora and faunda of society, whilst we are building up ecosystems and habitats (both virtually and within the real-world too). The associated goals would also completely empower the natural flora & fauna for all of the associated insects and various bee colonies, and those other specified GREEN goals, to be achieved as per the defined, “green goals” within our CSE’s marketplace and CSE exchange and the like, etc. All of these would be tethered and linked to our BRILL token etc. and also linked up to and other coins that link to Brill and the mutual business between CSE, Brill Token, Prey Productions Media, FAMTA Media Group, Jungle Gurus ( Rich Ad media), and systems that correlate and are mutually beneficial to CSE and the aligned systems. ( in the metaverse, exchange, crypto minting run, and coin distribution, apps and D-Apps tools, and the like too.).

  • Users can simply add it to their Metaverse and Exchange goals to help to allow the re-forestation of environments and to be able to rebuild environmental communities etc. If they as the user choose (s) not to mint or to donate and fund projects locally from their accounts within the “CSE Brill exchange and metaverse” pool, when certain pools match those budgets that have been defined for “set and nominal” amounts in accordance with an array of vetted projects, ( as have been determined by our stakeholders and CSE market makers Brill team)  / market place pool placement code from the  AI systems, etc. then the funds would be pooled and recycled and mathec up with Typhoon Cash for other projects that would be coming up again soon.
  • However, in the event that a tree/plant is not properly cared for if it were to wilt and die, an array of various TAMAGOTCHI like pets and other incentives and various other solutions aligned with “market maker factors, crypto exchange, B2B / B2C platforms, and various other “market-maker”, incentives would be utilized to motivate the users / prousers and those nominated “watchers and various keepers”, to be consistent in care and ongoing plant maintenance. This would make sure that they work hard to help the plants/ and vegetation to grow up into the various trees and vegetation to their full potential and the like etc.
  • Users can, however, provide extra care and protection to the tree/plant by acquiring fertilizers and boosters by using their tokens to prevent the tree/plant from dying from a lack of care. In this way and in doing so can they can earn more tokens and bonuses for completing these actions and then posting them on social media, and via the technologies from Jungle Guru. These would also be integrated into our CSE marketplace and staked with the ongoing engaged token and “smart green contract” activities from the various activities of our “shared learning” active communal base, of and also via various contests and those competitions within the defined implemented goals of “SMARTGREEN projects” that have been vetted to use and be funded by our BRILL pools, etc and other NFT, and crypto earned by play funds and the like, etc.
  • More engaged Greenification Communal ECO business to be defined and aligned with soon.