Our Key Partner’s Systems & Solutions

ApeCoin Logo Apecoin:

ApeCoin’s ERC-20 governance and utility tokens are built on the Ethereum network and have been made famous due to its association with the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), one of the biggest NFT collection communities currently on the market. We are looking to incorporate them into the CSE NFT marketplace, Exchange, CSE banking, and metaverse, as well as components from zeedz.io, some gaming systems from www.animocabrands.com ( namely sandbox), and also www.moonpay.com and www.cakedefi.com. We have some strategic alliances and partnerships with www.zeedz.iowww.animocbrands.com the above, and also

www.ayoda.com(ayuesha.com.au) and also the ongoing to be funded yet, the business of www.suniffied.com too. All of this will be disclosed on www.commonsense-edu.org and our partners and partner stake arrangements too, as will be listed at and on www.commonsense-edu.org



Dotmoovs is an innovative sports app that allows you to compete in various metaverse challenges and competitions. (Will be integrated with the metaverse of CSE). Essentially, two people from different parts of the world could compete against each other in predetermined sports from their living rooms and other places of choice.

As it’s the case with most move-to-earn games, you need to purchase an NFT to start playing. However, Dotmooves also allows you to rent an NFT and share the profits ( in a pooled system within the communities) Then it’s time to play — mimic your favorite dance or do your best football tricks. There are multiple gaming modes as well, including going solo, party, teams, and pro seasons, and a range of other customizable solutions.

When you win a challenge (as a player) or once you have rented an NFT to that winning player (and or team), that given player or team would get rewarded with MOOV coin and tokens (these will be staked onto CSE’s exchange and metaverse) and the like so. Then, you can use the game’s token to improve your equipment, buy other NFTs, or convert it to another currency via CSE Green Bourse (The Bower Bird’s nest exchange). Other transactions and deals can all take place in the metaverse and also via the CSE exchange and crypto minting bank (run from the Green Plankton Algael GTBank- that mints Brill coin and pumps it into the CSE Ecosystem, and metaverse and all other aligned systems).


SwatCoin LogoSweatCoin

To be added to www.commonsense-edu.org onto CSE exchange, GT bank, ecosystems, CSE NFT / Coin exchange

While the system currently has its own crypto wallet, called the Sweat Wallet, it also plans to install NFTs and the ability to directly purchase SWEAT with fiat currency by the end of 2022. In 2023 and 2024, there are plans to create an NFT marketplace, as well as make the token available on decentralized Exchanges (DEXes), and give control of the crypto to a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) via CSE.

In 2025, the platform plans to expand minting the sweatcoin cryptocurrency beyond walking, to such activities as cycling and swimming.

Users are able to generate one sweatcoin (SWEAT) for every 10,000 steps they take, although, in the future, that number will go up. The sweatcoin crypto uses people called movement validators, who confirm that users are taking the required number of steps in order to issue the crypto as defined on www.commonsense-edu.org


Sunflower Land

A Play-and-Own crypto game where everything you collect is an asset that you own and is identifiable on the Polygon Blockchain and Solana Blockchain too. (and CSE marketplace too). The concept of Sunflower Land ( and CSE lands as above) is to Farm Crops, Gather Resources, Cook Food, Raise Animals, Craft Items, and Trade to build your

(Farming empire is the major goal of the CSE metaverse, and the ongoing development into Dulunguru in Arnhem Land as well too.)

Every tree you chop, radish that you grow, and also pies that you bake and that you then eat, etc. Allows you to have experience points that you gain from then being saved to the Blockchain and banked into CSE exchange, NFT / Crypto marketplace and exchange, and also into the CSE metaverse and other affiliated systems.



STEPN is also backed by some of the world’s most prominent venture capital firms, including SequoiaSolana Ventures, and Alameda Research. ( Alameda Research is now bust as is FTX) so CSE will buy them both for 5 BRILL Coins each.

STEPN harnesses the power of the Solana blockchain to offer blazing-fast transactions and low fees on its NFTs. With STEPN, participants can equip themselves with NFT-based GPS-embedded sneakers for outdoor jogging, running, or simply walking as they earn rewards in the form of GST: tokens one of STEPN’s two native tokens, and the other half of its dual token system. (GMS token) Both of wish will be staked and tethered in the CSE Marketplace, GTBank, or CSE exchanges and onto the metaverse too.


STEPN players can also trade their NFT sneakers on the apps / D-Apps and also via CSE’s marketplace and use GST and all other tokens tethered onto Brill and Brill pools via GTbank to earn and pool into projects, and share returns too. As those who work together have earned both within and outside of the STEPN platform this stakes as well onto the CSE systems. Previously, users could only earn Green Satoshi Tokens or GST (and not GMT) on STEPN (now can do so via the CSE systems above and the CSE Marketplace and Metaverse. Since September 2022, however, users can switch from the default “GST Earning Mode” to “GMT Earning Mode” once their sneaker upgrades to level 30, and earn GMT directly with the app and D-App and then integrate this into the CSE systems and bank and ledger bank at ( acudc.com) to further engage on business and more as defined as above and also at https://commonsense-edu.org/nft/partners/ and also via and at https://www.commonsense-edu.org/green-metaverse-system/



Oxyapp logo OxyApes

The first mobile runner game (temple run/subway surfers) to combine the greatest aspects of gaming, digital collectibles, and real-world impact on nature, creating more awareness, innovation, rewarding fun, and a more sustainable world for us and future generations. With OxyApes, Players can use their OxyApes to run routes full of obstacles, fight bosses, collect, grow and fight bosses and join training (battle each other).
For users to ensure that they have a bigger impact on environmental restoration and mirror them in real life, they will be required to upgrade. Each upgrade transaction will be taxed 2%, which goes into a pool. This pool is created for the purpose of real-life environmental restoration.
Funds from this pool will be used to clean the oceans, plant trees, and contribute to several other environmental sustainability projects. The pool basically ensures that the impact of the game is mirrored in real life.